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  • Rob Snow

Greetings Earthlings! It's #ELXN43!

Behold! A random collection of thoughts on Canada's 43rd general election campaign.

Day 1: Greetings Earthlings!

"First and foremost we are earthlings," said Green Party leader, Elizabeth May.

What would aliens from outer space think of the way we choose our leaders? Would our stellar visitors prefer first-past-the-post or a preferential ballot? Would they mock our ancient carbon-spewing methods of campaign transportation? Do they live among us already, hiding behind fake Twitter accounts and spreading interplanetary fake news? Have they secretly replaced the 2015 version of Justin Trudeau with the version we see today?

"Justin Trudeau isn't who he pretended to be," said NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh. He was pretending, but he wasn't who he was pretending to be. What is the essence of pretending? Maybe if Trudeau was pretending, he was actually being authentic! Ha! Take that NDP!

"Justin Trudeau is a big faker!" That would have done the trick.

Today offered medley of Justin Trudeau's greatest hits and he played them all.

"Cutting taxes for the middle class and raising them on the wealthy...Stopped sending childcare cheques to millionaires." (Started sending them to billionaires, for refrigerators at Loblaws.) "Go back to the politics of the Harper years...Conservatives say they're for the people...The middle class and those working hard to join it." You've heard them all, yet won't hear them tomorrow at the first debate.

Christmas came early for Andrew Scheer. The Globe and Mail reported the RCMP is being "stymied" as it investigates the SNC Lavalin affair. Stymied, hindered and spoiled. Foiled, fettered and frustrated. Crippled and scotched. Scheer dug deep into the conservative archive, pulling out an old Harper classic. "He has lost the moral authority to govern." That's Harper, circa Adscam 2005.

Only time will tell if playing the oldies can work.

Because, it's 2019.

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