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  • Rob Snow

Are we there yet? #ELXN43

A random collection of thoughts on Canada's 43rd general election campaign. Day 21.

Are we there yet? That's how I feel about this election at halftime. I'm the young boy who really needs to pee, but his father refuses to pull the car over. This campaign is bland. It's boring and it's just so...blah! Not even a liberal icon caught partying it up in blackface (three times, no less) can keep Canadians engaged for more than a few days. I'm sure there were a few high fives in the conservative camp today, learning their guy has now surpassed the liberal leader on the preferred PM score. It's been three weeks with a daily dose of Scheer and 71% still don't want him measuring the drapes.

The latest Ipsos numbers don't offer a ringing endorsement of the Trudeau record on the middle class AND THOSE WORKING HARD TO JOIN IT!

Oh! And the love affair between millennials and Trudeau? That's so 2015. Greta came to Montreal and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to demand #climateaction! Support for the Green Party fell four points.

Jagmeet Singh has run an honorable campaign. He's shown himself to be authentic, personal and intimate. His reward is shaping to be the worst result for the NDP since the thrashing of '93.

I suppose we should count our blessings.

People are being shot in Hong Kong, as Communist China celebrates its 70th anniversary with a frightening display of weapons of mass destruction.

The U.S. President faces impeachment. The German economy is on the brink of recession. The UK is facing its "moment of truth" for Brexit, again! In Canada, we face stark choices. Do I vote for the national camping program? Or 15% off a bus pass? Are we there yet?

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