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  • Rob Snow

Pertaining to recent tragic events

We should refrain from attempts to reconcile.

In the last week, two supreme talents left us. A third revealed he is near the end.

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Charles Krauthammer.

Clinical depression doesn't care about your bank account. It matters not if you live on Park Avenue or the number of stamps on your passport.

In this country, 30 people committed suicide today. You don't hear about it, because the media doesn't report it. By and large it remains the policy of the newsrooms of the nation, suicide is a no go. Unless.

Yet we are in crisis.

Men are most likely to take their own lives. They are mostly men over the age of 40. The advice from medical experts should not be ignored.

If you notice a loved one who is withdrawn - take note. If someone is sleeping all day, or takes no pleasure in regular activities, ask why. Inquire. Snoop.

If this describes you, know you are not alone. There is an abundance of resources. Modern pharmacy and psychology can work miracles. Don't be afraid.

Meanwhile, today I was deeply saddened to read Charles Krauthammer's letter in the Washington Post. He has but a few weeks to live, diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Mr. Krauthammer has long been required reading for me, a conservative champion I could only envy. That he chose to reveal his fate so publicly is a testament to his modesty.

In these toxic times there will be those inclined to argue one departure is more virtuous than the other. Do not fall into this trap.

They were three wondrous talents. One will surely die of cancer. The others, despite all apparent success, succumbed to another illness.

One was a a story-teller chef. Another became a fashion icon, built on an idea dreamed up in a New York City apartment. The third endured a lifetime of physical impairments, but shone with a sharpness of mind unmatched.

None is more noble than the other in life, or death.

Find hope in your spirit.

Reach out for help.

Help if you can.

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