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  • Rob Snow

A prayer for the Capital

Hey God,

I thought I'd check in. Hopes and prayers and all that stuff. I'm sure you've noticed, it's all the rage, but I get it. You've got a lot on the go. Anyway God, here in Ottawa, we've just about had our fill of all of this Old Testament stuff. A couple of years ago, we had some nasty flooding, the worst I've seen and the worst most people I know can ever remember. Then last year, there were six or seven tornadoes - in one day! We don't usually get tornadoes around here. It caught a lot of people off guard. And it created a lot of misery. A lot of folks are still trying to cope with what happened. And now we're right back into it. Winter was brutal. Long. Cold. Lots of snow. Then the rain came. And it hasn't really let up. It's almost May, but it feels like March.

You really tested Job, but a lot of people aren't far off. They're going to lose their homes. That's a given. They've done everything they can to stop the torrent, but, I don't know, it's like You had other plans. God, seriously, a lot of people are at their breaking point. They're wondering, 'why us?' It's not just the torn rooftops, the flooded basements and the mementos lost forever. It's a terrible bus crash on an ordinary afternoon. It's a hockey team nobody cheers for anymore. So many good people are living your word in action, merciful and pure of heart; loving their neighbors; the salt of the earth. God, they could use a break.

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