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  • Rob Snow

The size of Toronto's council: who cares?

I don't suffer from DDS.

Doug Derangement Syndrome is epidemic, with new cases reported every day from The Beaches to Casa Loma.

Toronto. Toronto. Toronto. Ford. Ford. Ford.

Toronto is the city state. It is the be all and the end all. Toronto, specifically the the size of that city's council is the only issue both government and opposition lately care about.

That's a shame.

This was a fear of mine during the election campaign. Would any of these leaders recognize life exists beyond the GTA?

Kathleen Wynne was the "activist centrist" Premier from Don Valley (although she abandoned being a centrist and embraced the role of activist). Andrea Horwath bills herself as the daughter of a Hamilton steelworker, but is the epitome the downtown lefty elite, speaking up for the lunch bucket crowd, but first a shopping spree at Holt Renfrew! Doug Ford is the commander in chief of the burbs, Ford Nation.

As an Ottawa resident, my fear of a Toronto-obsessed government at Queen's Park was somewhat allayed when the new Premier appointed several of his eastern Ontario MPP's to the cabinet - Lisa MacLeod , Merrillee Fullerton, John Yakabuski and Steve Clark. Yet Clark and MacLeod have been spending much of their time defending the Premier's fetish with Toronto's city hall.

The summer session was a good one for the new government. It moved fast and deliberate to unwind the worst of the radical environmental policies of the former regime. It managed to wave a friendly goodbye to the CEO and Board of Hydro One. It aligned itself with Saskatchewan to fight against the Trudeau carbon tax. It is ending the basic income experiment and hitting the pause button on the next minimum wage increase.

The preoccupation with how many people will vote on green bins and pot holes is a needless distraction, something that is quickly consuming an otherwise winning agenda. "For the People" is supposed to be all the people, even those not blessed enough to live in the shadow of the CN Tower.

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